The Wizard Needs Food Badly.

Playing Nintendo is answer #2 to the “writer’s block” question, although there has been a lot less of that lately. I haven’t ridden Mario up the flagpole in what seems like ages. The screenplay is moving smoothly now, as I make the transition from Microsoft Word to Final Draft. This is a step I could have skipped had I just done it in Final Draft in the first place, but frankly, I was scared of it. Turns out, it’s easy as hell, and fun too! Even you could crank out a beautifully formatted screenplay in less than a week. Well, probably not you. I can, though.

The job interview I had scheduled for today went better than all of my other interviews combined. I didn’t cry once, and we really hit it off. Imagine my surprise when she decides not to call me next week.

Oh, and as of this Friday, I will legally be known as Ryan Zeinert.

And finally, I saw an article online about the Government starting to look at Blogs for the purpose of National Security, concerning threats of terrorism and the like. While I suppose they can look at whatever they want to, and I don’t really care either way, I’m going to officially re-name this page “Republican Death Party” just to piss people off. I called a lawyer to make sure this was within my First Amendment rights, and it was not.

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