Butter Your Buns.

First, the bad news. Kentucky and Wisconsin both lost, Duke still sucks, and the skylight window got ripped off of our roof this weekend.

Yeah, some heavy wind got under our open skylight, and blew the damn thing right out of it’s casing. Judging by the cracks all around the seal, it almost tore the whole fixture right out of the roof. It was a windy weekend here in Madison. We called emergency maintenance to come out on a Saturday and check it out, as there was now a 2 by 4 foot hole in our roof with rain on the way. The guy comes over, and basically puts his (and my) personal safety at risk by attempting to climb into the fixture without a ladder, almost dropping himself, the window and several tools down the stairs.

This is all going on shortly before we are expecting some friends to come over. I thought for sure that they would show up and see me attempting to drag a dead Jamaican guy out of my apartment. But, he temporarily fixed it, and it was permanently fixed this morning by a small army of workers and a large ladder. Way to go, Goldleaf Development! You saved my window. I want to put this behind me as soon as possible.

Anyways, my NCAA picks went completely down the toilet this weekend with Maryland, Kentucky and Wisconsin getting booted out of the tournament. They were 3 of my final 4, with Duke being the only team remaining. Of course, I hate Duke with a burning passion and pray nightly for a loss. The last I checked, I was in 294,000th place on the Yahoo rankings. I don’t think I’m going to win it this year. That being said, me and Celia had a decent weekend. We went out to eat with aforementioned friends, and I got the chance to read Ben’s newest draft of his screenplay.

I put a few new links up, and will post again in a day or 2 with a new (old) Mediocre At Best picture and story. Right now I am listening to Algebra One’s “Earn Your Halo”, and watching The Kids In The Hall. Bye.

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