3 Years Ago.

Allow me to take you back to the year 2001. I noticed that 3 years ago to the week we played this show you see in front of you, and I just wanted to post the old picture because I liked it. I didn’t like the show itself, nor the venue or anything else that happened that night. We were all in a bad mood, and our equipment was failing on us in the cramped, 100 degree sweltering barbecue known as the Blue Moon Cafe in Neenah, Wisconsin. We opened for Hill of the Dead, not only the best metal band in the state, but the lead singer happens to be Celia’s brother and my future brother-in-law.

So here we are, playing our catchy ska songs to a bunch of metalheads who are tapping their watches with impatience. Later on, the same crowd would destroy the Blue Moon during Hill of the Dead’s set, hereby banning them and us from the venue for life. How we got attached to that verdict was beyond me.

I just liked the picture, is all. I’ll keep posting Mediocre At Best show pictures on the coinciding dates in the future. And my apologies to Ben and Celia, there were no good shots of all 4 of us at once. I’ll post plenty of you 2 in due time.

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